Sunday, February 28, 2016

Resist The Urge...

One of the most common phrases you hear with regard to new things or change is, "resist the urge." In education, resisting the urge of the decades has become more of the norm than the rarity. Recently, technology integration, the Common Core Learning Standards, new teacher evaluation models, turbulent budget season, and more have all been a valid reason to resist the urge. However, resisting the urge of these initiatives and other societal events that are pushed upon us does not take away the issues we face or change or mission/focus. Regardless of what happens in the world around us, our children and students will still be walking through our doors each day, innocently expecting an education.

We owe to each and every child to stop resisting the urge with education and start becoming the urge. If we all put a fraction of the time we spend complaining about things "we have to do" into being a part of the solution, who knows what could happen. At any given point someone could tell us to make lemonade and then hand us a bunch rotten tomatoes. At that very point, we have a choice to make... try our best to make lemonade regardless of the fear of failure or complain that we were not given the right opportunity to succeed. I choose try my best and see where it gets me. At least if I fail I can say that I tried my best. Let's resist the urge to say, "I can't" as we move forward. After all, if a student says, "I can't" we encourage then and continue to encourage them in a myriad of ways and countless times. We won't give on our kids and let's not give up on each other. It's time to resist the urges that promote mediocrity and stonewall growth!

Black Knight Kudos ...

Congratulations to Rome City Schools and RFA for becoming a school in Good Standing as deemed by NYSED!!

Congratulations to Nicholas Wilson for becoming a National Merit Scholarship Finalist!!

Congratulations to Tekitha Posey-Barry and Kayla Barber for qualifying for the NYS Indoor Track and Field State Championships this coming weekend!!

Congratulations to Brad Dougherty, Davone Hesnandez, Derick Ward, and Ryan Swavely for qualifying for the NYS Indoor Track and Field State Championships this coming weekend!!

Congratulations to the RFA Mock Trial team on their 49-46 win last week over Frankfort!!

Congratulations to Patrick Kelly, Anthony Cantrano, Alex Smith, and Darcy Baird for being our first PBIS K-Coin drawing recipients!!

Congratulations to all of RFA for continuing to improve our culture and becoming more positive through the PBIS program!!

"PAIR"ents Partnership ...

One of the most challenging parts of parenting in today's society is certainly the digital boom. Our digital boomers have an unbelievable knack to use technology and a thirst that seems to triple their ability to use it. As adults (some of us who grew up without computers at home or even in schools) struggle to understand and keep up. The fear of not knowing and the challenge of learning can often times outweigh our desire to get up to speed. I ask you to resist the urge to technology. Although we may not agree with it and may not like it, it's a reality for our society and our future. As adults, if we don't take the initiative to learn about electronic devices and the universe of apps that accompany them, then who is going to teach our children about how to properly use them and be safe. I say, let's not leave this up to them to learn through trial and error but learn along with them so that we can guide our children to having better and safer digital lives. As we grow our partnership, please let us know if there is more the school can do to help you as a parent learn, use, and understand the technologies that surround us today. 

This Week at RFA...

2/29 - Heat of Fusion
2/29 - District Leadership Team Meeting
3/1 - Sports Physicals for Males
3/1 - Heat of Fusion
3/1 - Education Policy Meeting
3/2 - Sports Physicals for Girls
3/2 - STASS Meeting
3/2 - Heat of Fusion
3/2 - All-City Concert Rehearsal
3/3 - Heat of Fusion
3/3 - All-City Concert
3/3 - ART SHOW Opening at the Visitor Center- Fort Stanwix Monument
3/4 - Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer's Night Dream' Performance
3/4 - NASP Tournament - Archery PE Classes
3/4 - Heat of Fusion
3/5 - Indoor Drumline Competition at Central Square
3/5 - NYS Indoor Track and Field Championships at Cornell University.

Worth the Read...

Take a Moment to Self Reflect and Grow...

For the remainder of the marking period (5 weeks or so), see if you can divert your self from resisting to do something that you don't want to. Take a chance and try something that you may not normally try or something that you think won't work. Resist to let your biases prevent you from trying something that may be successful.