Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Power of Positive...

This past week, Rome Free Academy began to implement the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program throughout our school. As our teachers were presenting the introductory lessons to our students and we had the opportunity to listen into the discussions being had, it was simply amazing to see the amount of individuals (adults and students) that brought about real world issues for our school and sought ways to make things better. As much as teenagers want independence and the ability to do as they please, it is obvious through talking with them that they also crave structure, expectations, and a positive climate. Most defiance comes when teenagers feel disrespected. Ironically, isn't that the case for all people? Our students have no problem being accountable, and most accept accountability, but they need positive reinforcement as well. Being positive is a mindset and a habit. And often times, more challenging than being negative.

Research claims that people who witness others perform good deeds experience an emotion called 'elevation' and this motivates them to perform their own good deeds. The concept of pay it forward. If you think about it, how often do people randomly say thank you every day? Or how often do you see someone pick up a piece of trash in the hallway because it's the right thing to do to help others? Other little things like saying "Good Morning" or "Have a great day" to random people throughout the day can go a long way. Our students simply want to know that they are cared about as people and not just figures or robots that move throughout our halls. Being positive and helping others does not take much effort. It takes us as individuals putting aside our agenda for a mere second to brighten someone else's day. And being positive is infectious, it rubs off on others throughout an organization. The ability to remain positive and spread happiness is what successful organizations have mastered. perhaps the best part about it, it's free!! The check is blank, how much are you willing to contribute?

Black Knight Kudos ...

Congratulations to Tiana Pugh on scoring her 1,000th career point this past week in Girls Basketball!!

Thank you to our PBIS team for developing and implementing our PBIS program throughout the building!!

Thank you to ALL staff for introducing our students to the world of positive and for allowing the conversations to take place within your classrooms that allow a building culture to grow!!

This Week at RFA...

2/8 - District Parent Advisory Council Meeting
2/9 - District Attendance Committee Meeting
2/9 - RFA Jazz Concert
2/9 - Girls (v) Basketball at Proctor
2/9 - Boys (v) Basketball vs. Proctor
2/11 - Boys (v) Swimming - Sectional at Nottingham
2/11 - Boys (v) Bowling - Section III Shootout at Fulton
2/11 - Girls (v) Bowling - Section III Shootout at Fulton
2/11 - Boys (v) Hockey at IHC
2/13 - Boys (v) Wrestling - Section III Finals at OCC
2/13 - Boys (v) Swimming - Section III Finals at Nottingham
2/13 - RFA Winterguard Competition at ESM 

Worth the Read...

Take a Moment to Self Reflect and Grow...

In the coming days, see how often you can turn a negative into a positive simply by highlighting something that someone did well, as opposed to what they did wrong. If you can continue this trend, see how quickly others pick up on the attitude and watch the positivity in your environment grow!!