Sunday, April 17, 2016


Throughout life, we are constantly provided with opportunities. As adults, we are provided many opportunities, some that we create through our own initiative and hard work and others because of who we are. Regardless, opportunity is one of the components that makes up the American Dream. Our students in today's society also have opportunity. I think back to when I was in high school and I had 10% of the opportunities that our children in RFA have today. Whether it be in terms of access and opportunity to college level coursework, opportunities to participate in the JROTC program, the access and opportunities that students have through BOCES and our own technology program, or the myriad of clubs and athletic opportunities that students have; the chance to find a sense of belonging and growth exists.

While our students have opportunity through school, I often ask the question if they have the capacity to access their opportunities. While as adults we have the privilege to create and ability to access and make the most of our opportunities, children often do not. Our children are born into their circumstances and often rely on the school to be their opportunity. However, I ask if our schools are always providing our children with the opportunity to make more of their lives than their parents before them. Over the past half century, the world around us has changed dramatically. But have our schools? The inside of a school still has the same basic look and feel as 50 years ago. If everything around us has changed, but we aren't changing on the inside; are we really providing our children with the opportunity they deserve? I recently saw a tweet where an educator asked if their organization was more like Eastman Kodak or Apple? Kodak was rendered irrelevant in the global market place because of their inability to see the opportunity available to them outside their own mindset. We can't afford to do that with our children. It's time the American education system realizes that change is required to provide our kids with the opportunities they deserve.

Black Knight Kudos ...

Congratulations to the RFA JROTC program for completing and passing their Annual Inspection from the United States Air Force!!

Congratulations to the cast, crew, and support staff of Beauty and the Beast on 4 marvelous performances last week!!

Congratulations to the Girls Track Team on 2 victories in the past week!!

Congratulations to the varsity Girls Softball Team on their victory over Holland Patent last week!!

Congratulations to staff members Mrs. Corletto, Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Dunn, Mrs. Witter, Ms. Ferlo, Mr. Natishak, Ms. Winkler, and Mrs. Shaw for winning the Rotary Interact raffle!!

Congratulations to Sarah Chien and Spencer Parrish for being named STAR Scholars by the Rome Chamber of Commerce!!

"PAIR"ents Partnership ...

You should be receiving report cards this week for the 3rd marking period. Please take a moment to review your students' report card and discuss their progress. If you have concerns, I continue to encourage you to contact their teacher directly. I have heard from several parents that claim that they do not want to contact their child's teacher for various reasons. This type of solution is not the answer. Our teachers always have the best insight into our students' history, ability, performance, and progress. Directly contacting the teacher is always the best method to ensure direct dialogue and success. In conjunction with this, if you are having trouble contacting a staff member for any reason, please let an administrator know and we will help to facilitate a discussion. We look forward to continued success over the last 10 weeks of the school year!!

This Week at RFA...

4/18 - Boys (v) Tennis vs. Whiteboro
4/18 - Girls (v) Golf at Holland Patent
4/18 - Boys (v) Golf vs. Proctor
4/18 - Boys (v) Track and Field vs. New Hartford
4/18 - Boys (v) Baseball vs. Whitesboro
4/18 - Girls (v) Softball vs. Whitesboro
4/19 - VEX Robotics Trip to World Championships in Louisville, KY
4/19 - District I&S Meeting
4/19 - Key Club Meeting
4/19 - Hillside Family Dinner
4/19 - Boys (v) Tennis at New Hartford
4/19 - Girls (v) Golf vs. Central Valley
4/19 - Girls (v) Softball at New Hartford
4/19 - Boys (v) Baseball at New Hartford
4/19 - Girls (v) Lacrosse vs. New Hartford
4/20 - Board of Education Meeting
4/20 - Area 51 Coffee House
4/20 - Girls (v) Golf vs. New Hartford
4/20 - Boys (v) Track and Field at Central Valley
4/21 - Travel Club Trip to Costa Rica
4/21 - SBIT Meeting
4/21 - Full Staff Meeting
4/21 - Career Seminar
4/21 - Strolling Strings 27th Annual Tea Fundraiser
4/21 - Girls (v) Golf vs. Camden
4/21 - Boys (v) Tennis at Camden
4/21 - Girls (v) Softball at Camden
4/21 - Boys (v) Baseball vs. ESM
4/21 - Boys (v) Lacrosse at Proctor
4/21 - Girls (v) Lacrosse vs. VVS
4/22 - JROTC Dining In Event
4/22 - Boys (v) Baseball at Whitesboro
4/22 - Boys (v) Track and Field Tournament at Proctor
4/22 - Boys (v) Golf at Camden
4/22 - Boys (v) Lacrosse at VVS
4/23 - Girls (v) Softball at Central Square

Worth the Read...

Take a Moment to Self Reflect and Grow...

The American education system is built upon providing children with the opportunity to better their lives. Becoming better than ever imagined requires someone to take a chance on us and allow us to grow. During the last weeks of the school year, reflect on your classroom practices and see if your practices are providing students with the best opportunity to succeed in life. As mentioned here often, there is always something we can do as professionals to be better educators. Find that thing and do it, for our children!!