Sunday, May 1, 2016

Down the Stretch...

May is here and in education we refer to these next weeks as the home stretch or crunch time. For some students (and staff) it can be the most stressful time of the year. For others, the most enjoyable and of course there are a few in the middle. The reason why these next weeks are so important is because of the potential for poor decision making on the part of our students (and ourselves as adults in their lives). Not only are there a host of students who are preparing to move into the next phase of their lives, but there is 75% of each high school student body that is preparing for something else. All of our students are faced with exams and testing which alone, can be stressful. Throw on top of that the concern about passing certain classes, prom and ball dates and/or attire, finding a summer job, and a potential host of other concerns that could be more important to a teenager than their education when the weather gets nice. Lets be real, we all tend to find a shift of some amount in our priorities when the Spring months arrive and sun begins to shine, so why would we expect different from our youth?

So what's the point? The point is that as we come Down the Stretch this Spring, we as adults need to remember the various different stresses, influences, and struggles of our kids. Children (and adults) are prone to making bad decisions as they grow up; after all it is a part of growing up and the learning process. However, each year more and more teenagers make bad decisions that end up influencing the rest of their lives, and in many cases could be prevented if they felt that someone cared a little more about them. Yes exams are important and graduation is important, but having less stress along this path is important too. All human beings are more productive and healthier if they are enjoying what they do and are happier. As we head Down the Stretch, lets keep our attention on education while ensuring that all of us (students, parents, and staff) are able to enjoy, remember, and savor the moment. No test, moment, or event is so important to a teenager that it should stress them to the point of thinking about making bad decisions. Lets work together to ensure that everyone arrives at the end point of the stretch in a good place!

Black Knight Kudos ...

Congratulations to VEX Robotics Team for participating in the World Championships last week in Louisville, KY!!


"PAIR"ents Partnership ...

During the final weeks of the school year, please keep in tune with your student's demeanor. Stress can rear it's ugly head in many shapes and sizes and it's important to take note of attitude or behavior changes in our students. If you feel like something is awry, don't hesitate to have a conversation with your child or reach out to their teachers. Everyone during the coming weeks is going to be extremely busy (including yourself) and it is vital that we find a way to continue to communicate. Getting enough rest, good nourishment, and finding time to be a kid are going to be vital for your student's success in the coming weeks. 

This Week at RFA...

5/2 - AP Examinations
5/2 - Girls (v) Softball vs. VVS
5/2 - Girls (v) Golf at VVS
5/2 - Boys (v) Golf vs. VVS
5/2 - Boys (v) Tennis vs. VVS
5/3 - AP Examinations
5/3 - Education Policy Committee
5/3 - Key Club Meeting
5/3 - Girls (v) Golf vs. VVS
5/3 - Boys (v) Tennis at Oneida
5/3 - Boys (v) Golf at New Hartford
5/3 - Girls (v) Softball at Oneida
5/3 - Boys (v) Baseball at Oneida
5/3 - Girls (v) Lacrosse vs. Whitesboro
5/4 - AP Examinations
5/4 - STASS Meeting
5/4 - Faculty Meeting
5/4 - Attendance Committee Meeting
5/4 - Board of Education Meeting
5/4 - Girls (v) Golf vs. Oneida
5/4 - Boys (v) Golf at Oneida
5/4 - Boys (v) Track and Field vs. Proctor
5/4 - Girls (v) Track and Field at Proctor
5/4 - Boys (v) Baseball at Indian River
5/5 - AP Examinations
5/5 - PBIS Committee Meeting
5/5 - Career Seminar
5/5 - Boys (v) Golf at Notre Dame
5/5 - Boys (v) Lacrosse vs. VVS
5/5 - Girls (v) Lacrosse at New Hartford
5/6 - Travel Club Meeting
5/6 - Boys (v) Track and Field at New Hartford Invitational
5/6 - Boys (v) Lacrosse at Skaneateles
5/6 - Girls (v) Softball at Oswego
5/6 - Boys (v) Golf at Proctor/CVA
5/7 - SAT Examination
5/7 - Girls (v) Track and Field at Copper City Classic

Worth the Read...

Take a Moment to Self Reflect and Grow...

This week, instead of professional development, I am going to encourage personal development that helps us be better professionals. The next 2 months are fast, furious, and stressful for all. Make sure you are taking time during the end of the year for yourself when you need it. We all know ourselves well enough by now to know when we need a little mental break or a breather. Don't be afraid to take an hour, afternoon, or even a day to yourself when you feel it's needed. Our kids know just as well as you do when you are not on your game, and we need you to be on your game!!