Sunday, June 12, 2016

High School or Golf...

So, if you don't know, golfing is by far my favorite hobby. I think it's because no matter where you play (the same course every day or somewhere totally different every round), the game is never the same. Each round you play there are decisions to make (risk vs. reward), patience to be exhibited, mistakes to learn from, fun to be had, and with every swing the opportunity to hit the greatest shot of your life!! All of the fun aside, it is also probably known as the most frustrating hobby of all-time. Even when us golfers are "having fun" or "enjoying" our day, we can come across extremely miserable to anyone who doesn't understand the game. Ironically, as I watch our students interact and weave their way through the halls these last few weeks and more recently, the last few days; I have noticed that being a teenager in high school is not that much different than grinding through a round of golf.

Every day our children are faced with challenges and decisions that they have never been presented with before. With every action or decision, there is a risk/reward element that our students have to consider. Do I do my homework or do I hang with my friends? There is a constant fear in many of them due to the fear of the unknown. Whether they walk the same exact path to class every day, or take a new track just because; anything can happen at any given time to upset their world. On the flip side, each day brings with it the opportunity to find their passion, decide which college they want to attend, pursue a career, make a friend, or help someone in need. Similar to a round of golf, a day at school is filled with every emotion and struggle possible. However, with some perseverance and effort, the end result is hopefully the same as my golf game; a score that is NOT my worst ever but good enough to keep me coming back. So, whatever your game (golf of school), grab your sticks (Pings or a backpack full of pens and pencils) and make your next day a new adventure with the hope that it will be your best day ever!!

Black Knight Kudos ...

Congratulations to Hannah Skibitski for receiving the Rosetti Scholarship for future educators from MO BOCES!!

Congratulations to all of the juniors who received awards this past week at the Junior Awards Ceremony!!

Congratulations to the 548 students who attended 175 days of school or more this year!!

Congratulations to all of the students who contributed to the 2016 edition of Galleries!!

"PAIR"ents Partnership ...

On Monday, June 13, RFA will be running a reduced scheduled and the building will hold a building wide picnic celebration sponsored by our PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) Team to reward all students and faculty on a good school year. At 12:30 we will be providing school lunch for those that want it (hamburgers, hot dogs, picnic food, etc.) as well as have several food trucks on site (students must purchase their own food from the trucks) and finally we will have many outdoor activities for students to partake in. In conjunction with this, the  RTA will be hosting a raffle to reward any student with absences totaling 5 days or less this year through the Must Be Present to Win It initiative. All students eligible (548 of them) are entered into a random drawing for gift cards. Eligible students will be posted in the main hallway Monday morning and should visit the RTA "Must Be Present to Win It" table during the celebration. We welcome any parent wishing to attend and participate in the festivities to come by and spend the afternoon with us!!

This Week at RFA...

6/13 - Completion Ceremony for BOCES CTE
6/14 - Regents Exam in Global History and Geography (8:00 am)
6/14 - Regents Exam in English Language Arts - Common Core (12:00 pm)
6/14 - Completion Ceremony for BOCES CTE
6/15 - Regents Exam in Living Environment (8:00 am)
6/15 - Regents Exam in US History and Government (12:00 pm)
6/15 - Completion Ceremony for BOCES CTE
6/15 - Personnel Committee Meeting
6/16 - Regents Exam in Algebra 1 - Common Core (8:00 am)
6/16 - Regents Exam in Comprehensive English (12:00 pm)
6/17 - Regents Exam in Physical Setting/Earth Science (8:00 am)
6/17 - Regents Exam in Algebra 2/Trigonometry (8:00 am)
6/17 - Regents Exam in Geometry - Common Core (12:00 pm)

Worth the Read...

Take a Moment to Self Reflect and Grow...

Summer is around the corner! Take a moment in the closing days to think about your favorite pastime and passion. Discuss this with colleagues and students so that people can see what you enjoy doing as a person, not as their teacher/colleague. Building these personal relationships will always help to strengthen any bond that a faculty and staff can have together.