Sunday, November 27, 2016

Black Friday Free For All...

'Tis the season where you can go to the store to do some fun shopping and enjoy some time away from the house and end up leaving the store wondering what in the world has happened to our society? I know Black Friday has become a national event where we can literally save hundreds and thousands of dollars shopping. But, it has also become an event where many people seem to think that all rules of human decency don't apply anymore. I for one enjoy being in the mall and shopping on Black Friday but I found myself asking what people are thinking in our world today. On a minor level, people leave food waste, empty drink containers, and other trash wherever they want. What ever happened to a trash bin, which by the way is only a few 50 feet away? On a major level, people are being shot over parking spaces, trampled because of coupon give aways, and fighting over television sales. Is this really what the season is all about? More specifically, is this what mankind has really become in America? I'd like to think that with all of the growth and questioning we have done as a society over the past 50 years that there is still some room for good old fashioned manners and chivalry. After all, the root definition of 'chivalry' dates back to medieval knighthood and we are the Black Knights. So, this holiday season, please remember that the spirit of the holidays (and everyday) is about helping others and patience. Our society was built on kindness and under the pretenses that we help each other to succeed. For once let's not think about "I or me" and instead think about "You or we." Our whole society will be better for it. Happy Holidays everyone!!

Redistricting Presentation 

On Tuesday, November 29th at 6:00 p.m., the Board of Education will be provided with a public presentation by Castallo & Silky Educational Consultants discussing possibilities for redistricting. After discussing the topic internally and with colleagues throughout the state, we feel it is best to look at long range solutions that can prevent us from having to re-draw residence boundaries every year. The flexible zoning method does provide temporary relief, however over the course of time can lead to compounded problems. We are hoping that by doing a true study that is geared toward sustainability that we can develop a redistricting plan that works for everyone and for the long term. The presentation will be occurring at RFA in the library on the evening of November 29th.

Boys & Girls Choir of Harlem

The YMCA of the Greater Tri-Valley is presenting the Boys & Girls Choir of Harlem Alumni Ensemble on Friday, December 16th at 7:00 p.m. at RFA. The choir will also be performing for some of our students during the day. If you are interested in attending to enjoy some holiday cheer, tickets are on sale at and cost $20 each.

Winter Sports Season

Now that we have gotten past the Thanksgiving holiday and are headed for December, the winter sports season is in full swing. Already the boys ice hockey team has competed in a tournament and our other teams will begin their competitive schedule this week. You can view a full schedule of all athletic events HERE if you wish to attend this season. Our student athletes dedicate a lot of time and effort to representing our community well, the least we can do is get behind them and attend some of these events. Good luck to our winter teams and athletes!!