Sunday, December 4, 2016

Knowing The Role...

One of the most challenging elements of any organization is getting everyone involved to understand their role, understand how their role relates to the organizational structure/mission, and how to work within their role to affect positive change. The other week, I had the privilege to visit the BNY Mellon facility in Oriskany and was immediately impressed by the organization and their employees. It was an environment where all parties were working together and people were able to work within their comfort zone, making the entire organization much more effective. Schools historically have struggled with this concept because quite frankly, every individual in our society has spent time in a school in some way shape or form. We all think that we are the experts because we've been there. Think about other walks of life for a moment. We may get a second opinion from a doctor or an attorney, but generally we don't challenge their opinions and professional diagnosis. When we are at the store and don't get the sale we wanted or they are out of something we wanted to buy, we don't immediately threaten to sue them because we think we are entitled to something, in an attempt to invoke fear. Those are not common place responses/actions in our general society, however they happen more times in one day with schools than they do in other factions of society in an entire year. What's the point of my message? It's time to start trusting our PROFESSIONALS when it comes to schools as well. We all need to remember our role and start working together, instead of constantly assuming hidden agendas and the worst. I admit that sometimes our hunches are correct and questioning is good. However, it's the manner in which things are conducted. We can work together as a school organization and as a community at large to make things better, instead of constantly pointing fingers. By knowing our role and more importantly, understanding how we can affect positive change within our organization, we can accomplish anything. I urge you to please reflect on how you fit within our school structure and what you can do to work toward improving things for CHILDREN; not to improve for us our ourselves.

Winter Concert Season 

'Tis the season for concert after concert!! Our Winter Concert schedule can be found at the following website: ROME WINTER CONCERTS . You can also contact any of our schools to learn more about their concerts, including which groups are performing when and where. As always, we appreciate all of the support that our students in the music program receive from the community throughout the year!!

RFA Travel Club Breakfast With Santa

It's official!! The RFA Travel Club will be hosting their 2nd annual Pancake Breakfast With Santa. The event will be on Saturday, December 17th from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in RFA's cafeteria. The cost is $6 per person with kids 5 years old or younger being free. Tickets can be bought from travel club members before the event or at the door. For more information, please contact the RFA travel club at 

Dialogue Events Continue

Over the past few weeks, I have been hosting dialogue events in our schools to help provide the community with information that they may seek. This coming week, we will be at Denti on Monday and Joy on Wednesday. While these are the schools that I will be speaking at, any event is open to the entire community and the dialogue is not meant to be school specific. So, if you've missed a chance at your home school and really have some questions you would like to ask, please come by another location. For a full listing of dialogue events, please visit