Sunday, December 10, 2017

Let It Fun...

As I attempt to watch the Bills game today with all their snow and have listened to the Christmas classic, 'Let It Snow' recently; I reflect on some professional development from the past two weeks that reminded us all to find ways to provide more fun in both our jobs and in life. I have not done research on this, nor have I gone looking for it; but I would venture a bet that anecdotally most children that are disengaged with school would tell you that it is because they are not having fun. Likewise, I would imagine that most people that are not happy with their place of employment would say it's because their job is not fun. If you know me at all, you know that my next question is \, "Why?" Why can't we have more fun in school? Why can't we make our jobs more fun? Is there a rule against having fun? Perhaps the problem is who defines what fun is? In schools, it's most often defined by the adults, but students are our clients/consumers (to take lingo from the corporate world). Education historically is the only industry that refuses to produce/evolve based on the demand of it's consumers. In schools, we love to follow the, "It worked for me 20 years ago, so it should work for you model." Have you looked at your phone lately? When was the last time you heard some looking for a rotary style phone (that isn't an app) or for a land line even. Everything around us has evolved, but schooling wants to resist society. We don't have to. Let's listen to our students, our consumers, our clients. Education is not meant to serve the adults who have already completed it. It's meant to serve the children who NEED it to ensure that our society prospers when we are retired. So when it come time to make that New Year's resolution, I say, "Let It Fun!!"

Military Service Data Collection

Each year, the United States Department of Education provides roughly $40 million in Impact Aid to school districts which serve the children of military and civilian employees. In order to receive this aid, school districts must gather registration data regarding the students enrolled in their district. This funding enables us to provide programs and services that may not otherwise be available to students. The information gathered to determine eligibility for Impact Aid pertains to any student whose mother, father, or legal guardian is active military, OR a civilian working on a military post. If you are a parent/guardian that meets this requirement, please take a moment to complete the survey HERE so that our student may have the opportunity to benefit from this Federal Aid.

Socks for Teens

The Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency (MVCAA) is collecting new socks to support teen students throughout the Mohawk Valley as part of National Runaway Prevention Month. As the weather becomes more challenging, socks are an essential requirement for students who are on the streets. All schools are collecting donations of new socks of all kinds, preferably sizes 4-9. If you would like to help the MVCAA in this effort, please send in socks to your school's main office labeled "MVCAA Sock Donation" on or before December 21. 

Block R Club Cereal Drive

Once again this year the Block R Club, made up of varsity athletes, will be collecting cereal donations at all home athletic events. This year they are also accepting donations of granola bars and pop tarts. The donated items will be distributed to students for the holiday break who depend on the District for breakfast and/or lunch, since students do not have access to those resources during that time. You may also participate by simply dropping off cereal, granola bars, or pop tarts to the RFA main office at any point before December 21. Thank you to all who have supported thus far and to our student athletes for sponsoring this wonderful drive!

RCSD Apparel Sale

The Rome City School District is holding an online apparel sale from now through December 22, 2017. Items for sale can be found by following this link: All apparel comes in varying sizes, men's/women's, and colors. The logo on each item varies, so please read the item description carefully. We expect product delivery to be roughly one month from the close of the sale. All payments are made online and go directly to the vendor.