Sunday, April 29, 2018

Down the Stretch...

With the Kentucky Derby looming just one week away, it seems appropriate to refer to the beginning of our last 7 weeks with a racing reference. Although it doesn't feel like the start of May, here we are. Unfortunately, our golf, baseball, and softball teams have not been able to get their seasons off and running yet due to the weather, which will only add to the hecticness of the month of May for those students. For the rest of the student body, whether they are in kindergarten or twelfth grade, the end of the school year always brings a flurry of activities, stress, and excitement. During any given week you can find an athletic event, awards ceremony, concert, picnic, or class celebration to attend. Above that, students in the secondary level are priming for their final exams, AP exams, and Regents exams while our elementary students finish the final leg of New York State assessments. Staff members are also feverishly working to ensure students are prepared to be successful at the end of this year while planning for next year. Time never seems to move slow enough at this time of year, and when the weather finally begins to feel like Spring (hopefully sooner than later), it makes the ability to focus on the task(s) at hand that much more challenging. So, as we exit the bend and approach the home stretch of our year, make sure to take the time to enjoy the atmosphere, camaraderie, and events that come along with the end of a school year. It can be very easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle, or caught up in the stress of the end of the year. Taking a few moments to enjoy your classmates, teachers, families, and events is a must. For many, these opportunities only happen once in a lifetime and you don't want to look back in 20 years wishing you had enjoyed the experience as much as you were focused on the job at hand. After all, the stretch run is short and it will be over in the flash of an eye.  

Official Budget Hearing

During the regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting on Thursday, May 3, 2018, the District will be presenting the annual 2018-2019 budget hearing. A copy of the presentation can be found HERE, which will be described in greater detail during the hearing. The annual budget hearing is an opportunity for the Board of Education and the community to hear details about the 2018-2019 proposed budget, along with a question and answer session following the presentation. The Board of Education meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will be held at the District Offices located at 409 Bell Road.

Griffiss Institute Summer Camps

This summer, the Griffiss Institute is celebrating their 10th year of providing summer STEM camp opportunities to students. In 2018, there will be six camps offered in the areas of LEGO Robotics, Engineering, Drone, Cyber, Arduino, and ROPES. Registration for the camps opens online on May 1 and will remain open until all spots are filled. Registration spots for these camps fill up quickly, so I would recommend registering ASAP if you are interested. For more information about any of the six camps, please visit the Griffiss Institute website at 

Student Dismissal Reminder

Just prior to the break, there have been several incidents during dismissal of our elementary students where parents arrive at the school well before the dismissal time and want to simply wait inside the building for their children. Unfortunately, allowing groups of parents into the buildings at the end of the day is not only an unsafe measure for all students, it is also causing disruptions and distractions in the buildings. Several buildings have been adjusting their dismissal procedures in recent weeks and some of the changes include not allowing families into the building prior to the actual dismissal of students. While I understand that this can be upsetting to families, please understand that it is the safest practice possible and is necessary to maintain a safe environment all the way until the end of the day for our students and staff. Also, please be reminded that students should not be signed out early from school without a valid reason in compliance with NYSED regulations. Finally, when signing students out of school, you should be required to provide identification so that the school officials can ensure that students are leaving school with an authorized adult. While we understand that some adjustments in these practices can be cumbersome and 'annoying'; please know that we work to constantly improve our safety measures and adopt best practices related to student safety. Thank you for your understanding.