Sunday, October 7, 2018

Just Why?...

Have you ever found yourself in a situation or viewing something where you feel like saying,"Why, just why?" Unfortunately, I find myself in this situation almost on a daily basis as I attempt to figure out what some individuals are thinking as I work through various issues. Whether it be a student resorting to physical violence to try and solve something, or an adult trying to cut corners in an attempt to hide something or get their way, or children and adults using language to intentionally hurt someone because they know they are being offensive. The frequency at which people say, "I don't care" when being questioned about an inappropriate action is saddening. And it's not just kids, it's all of us. There is a general lack of responsibility and duty to our tasks/jobs that has developed in our society. As I write this, ironically a lead story on Sportscenter today is about two NBA athletes who decided to mix it up physically on the court and then up the ante after the game in the press. The media gave the athletes a platform by which to threaten each other and curse at each other. This is what our children are growing up viewing, and learning from. Whether it be our sports figures, video games, or fellow community members acting in ways that create a negative atmosphere; it is what we are all being exposed to. Eventually, the hard workers ask, "why?" They want to know why are they attempting to follow the rules and do the right thing when there is no recognition for doing that other than a pat on the back. Even our counterparts who are acting inappropriately get glorified in the press and social media. Without searching for them, sit down sometime and count the number of positive stories (or even neutral stories) that you can find in a paper, media website, or on a social media strand. They are few and far between. There are even YouTube channels dedicated to posting videos of fights if the people involved can successfully shout a specific 'code phrase' during the fight on video. This is what our entire society is up against. The good news, we can improve the situations that our children are growing up in by recognizing those that are doing what they are supposed more than providing attention to those creating problems. Programs like our PBIS program in schools can be a part of this solution. However, it needs to be all of us. The concept of the "tattle" or the "brown-noser" need to end. There is nothing wrong with doing something that is good because it is the right thing to do, or simply doing your job because it is what you are paid to do. If our ancestors of the early 20th century saw how the vast majority of Americans treated their work, they would be disappointed in where we have brought our society. It's time that we start being better to each other, meeting our expectations as citizens because it's what we are supposed to do, and start saying "thank you" with more frequency so we are not left wondering "why" things don't make sense. Our children deserve better than the example they are receiving from our adults and teens. Why is it so hard to be kind to each other (virtually and in person), just why?

 Host Family Needed

The Rome Rotary Club continues to search for host families for the winter and spring of this school year. Our 2018-2019 student is from Paraguay. He is being hosted by a family for the fall, however a host for the remainder of the year is needed. If you are interested in hosting for winter or spring, please contact Sam Pendergrast at 315-617-3567 or You can get more information about Rotary Youth Exchange

Rome Apparel Sale

The Rome City School District is holding an online apparel sale from now through October 12, 2018. Items for sale can be found by following this link: All apparel comes in varying sizes, men's/women's, and colors. The logo on each item varies, so please read the item description carefully. We expect product delivery to be roughly one month from the close of the sale. All payments are made online and go directly to the vendor. 

 Celebration of Education

The 13th Annual Celebration of Education, which is sponsored by First Source Federal Credit Unionwill take place on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. at Hart's Hill Inn in Whitesboro, N.Y. Each year, the Celebration of Education recognizes outstanding educators and programs throughout the Mohawk Valley that are positively impacting our students, schools and the community. The program includes k-12 schools, area colleges, and organizations that are working in these institutions. If you feel that there is an adult in your child's school(s) or program that works with your children in schools that is worthy of nomination for this awards event, please contact your child's school so that we can submit the nomination paperwork.