Monday, May 27, 2019

Thank You Rome...

As you know, the Rome community successfully passed the 2019-2020 school budget this past week with a 74% approval rate. On behalf of all of the students and staff of the Rome City School District, I want to thank you all for your support. We are very appreciative to have a community that values education and wants the best for their children. The district is dedicated to ensuring that our students are receiving the very best instruction possible with the most appropriate resources available for learning. Given the challenges that our district and the community faced throughout this budget season, the support of a successful budget is greatly appreciated. While the fight is not over with regard to equitable funding of education, we have taken one giant step forward to ensuring that our future with have more stability with both our advocacy and passage of this budget. Even with the unfortunate reality of needing to make reductions, the core of our programming remains untouched and our students will still receive the quality instruction and opportunities that our community expects. All of these efforts are made possible because of the support of our community. When you work in a community and environment that is support of children and growth, it makes the entire system better. We appreciate our community and once again, on behalf of our children and staff, THANK YOU for your support!!


Hosted by the Rome Art and Community Center (RACC), ARTLETICS is an 8-week day program for children ages 5-12. During the experience, children receive top-notch art instruction with social skill development. Each week has a different theme and day is carefully planned out and structured. For more information about ARTLETICS, including fees and offerings, please visit their website at

Soccer Camp

Boys and girls, ages 5-13, are invited to explore a summer soccer camp hosted by the Rising Stars Sports Center of Westmoreland. The camp will run Monday through Friday, beginning June 26 through August 30. For more information about the camp, including fees and further details, please visit their website at

Contingency Day Give Back

We currently have one (1) unused contingency day for the 2018-2019 school year. After a careful review of the school calendar and activities for the months of May and June, the only day remaining this school year where there are no major activities occurring that cannot be rescheduled is Monday, June 10. Baring any unforeseen event happening between now and June 10, the Rome City School District will be closed on Monday, June 10 to finish the use of our contingency days. By utilizing this day, none of the student activities, field trips, or building events will be effected. Please mark your calendars for this date.