Sunday, September 29, 2019

Let's Get Outdoors...

One of the most common comments that I hear from my parents and people over the age of 40 in general, is related to the amount of time that kids of today spend on their electronic devices. There is no debating that electronics (video games, tablets, phones, etc.) are taking over the universe! As a kid, I can remember spending time playing the latest Nintendo games to pass the time or when it was raining. But, the second a friend called to get outside and do something, it seems like the entire neighborhood was out there. Recently, I happened across a video on YouTube (HERE) where three generations of families are asked what they do/did for fun as a kid, and the responses are not that surprising. But, they may be disheartening. Essentially, are youth are spending less and less time outdoors and more and more time in front of a screen. While there is an added value to electronics, too much time and/or time spent on the wrong things can create concerns. There are plenty of apps and programs that exist that are educational, improve fine motor skills, and stimulate thinking. On the other side, there are also programs that promote violence, aggression, and harm. In my own household, it is becoming increasingly difficult to help our kids realize and understand that video games are not real and that something as serious as death is permanent in real life. If you get hurt in real life, you aren't going to turn into a ghost and have another life in a few seconds. Encouraging our kids of today's generation to get outside more frequently and be creative, play games, run, etc. is vital to helping our kids develop a healthy and balanced mind. One of the best part about going to youth athletic events (even as old as high school students) is seeing kids being active. Kids are still kids and they enjoy the outdoors and they enjoy being creative, using their imagination. Yes, at times the neighborhood is not what it once was when we were kids. But, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't get our kids outdoors and play with them. There is any number of activities that we can all do with our kids to get them outdoors, being active, and using their imagination. The next generation of parents will all thank us if we can continue to raise our kids with the simple element of outdoor fun that we all grew up. So, as the nice weather begins to be less common, get them outdoors so they can run off some of that energy and stimulate their brains in a different way!!

Congrats RFA Athletes

This past week, the athletes of Rome Free Academy were awarded with the NYSPHAA Sportsmanship Award. Our student athletes' effort on the field, in the gym, and in contest once again brought positive recognition to our school and community. Rome Free Academy was one of just seven schools in all of Section III that were recognized with the exceptional effort in sportsmanship this year. Congratulations and thank you to our RFA athletes for representing yourselves, your school, and your community with such distinction!

Celebration of Education

The 14th Annual Celebration of Education, which is sponsored by First Source Federal Credit Unionwill take place on Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. at Hart's Hill Inn in Whitesboro, N.Y. Each year, the Celebration of Education recognizes outstanding educators and programs throughout the Mohawk Valley that are positively impacting our students, schools and the community. The program includes k-12 schools, area colleges, and organizations that are working in these institutions. If you feel that there is an adult in your child's school(s) or program that works with your children in schools that is worthy of nomination for this awards event, please contact your child's school so that we can submit the nomination paperwork.

Foster Parenting

Did you know, that more than 500,000 children nationwide are living without their birthparents? Foster parenting is a growing need in our country and if you are interested in learning more, there is an opportunity to do so locally. The Rome Family YMCA, in conjunction with Fostering Futures, will be hosting an information session on becoming a foster parent on Tuesday, October 1, from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. More information is also available by visiting

NYSPHAA Official's Day

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) is proud to announce their first ever Official's Appreciation Day on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019. This is a day where student-athletes, coaches, administrators and fans are encouraged to thank the officials who make interscholastic athletics possible. Being an official is no easy task and this coming Wednesday, we all have an opportunity to say "thank you". On behalf of the Rome City School District, we say thank you to all officials who take the field with our kids!