Sunday, September 18, 2016

What's the Answer...

My question is simple this week; why do so many students feel that resorting to violence is the solution to their problems? Often times I ask myself and others questions that just basically confuse me. This past week, we had a few physical altercations in our schools and every time kids do stuff like that I've always wondered why. It's the same thing when you meet someone as an adult and they brag about how many fights they were in or they think it's funny to talk trash and intimidate people. I just don't understand the purpose of it. In a society where we are supposed to be working to get along and end hate; it seems to me that we simply have too many people perpetuating the problem. Or is the issue really that more and more of our kids are growing up with anger management issues? Or, maybe nothing has really changed over the decades, but because of social media and technology everything has become magnified. I wish I knew the answer to this one as there is nothing more depressing than seeing kids resort to violence as a means to an end. As a society and as adults, we owe our children better. We have to continue to strive to find the answer so that we can help our children find other ways to resolve their problems. The answer is out there, we just need to go and find it.

Class Sizes

Throughout the past week I have received several messages regarding class sizes throughout the district. Currently, our kindergarten, first grade, and fourth grade numbers are higher than usual and overall our enrollment is roughly 200 students more than last year at this time. We have been working this week to determine how to move forward with regard to new registrations, and I am fairly certain we have a good solution in place. For kindergarten, we are also looking adding 2 sections throughout the district to ease the numbers. This is a task that is easier said than done though. Adding a section in one building also means trying to adjust the schedule for the encore subjects. When we start looking at adding a section in 2 buildings, it really complicates things. Regardless of the complications and the challenges, I am confident that our principals, teachers, and staff will deliver the best education possible to our children, regardless of the class size. We will continue to work diligently to solve this concern this year, but most importantly, work to plan ahead to avoid this situation in the future. 

RFA Homecoming 2016!!

This coming Friday, September 23, 2016 is RFA's Homecoming. The week is capped off with the RFA Homecoming Dance on Saturday night and of course the football game on Friday night at home against West Genesee. All throughout the week students in the district will be going to school in various outfits to participate in spirit week. For a listing of what school is participating and what each day of the week represents, please visit your school's website. Should be a great week and a great night for game. Let's go Black Knights!!

'Love Where You Learn' Campaign Wins Award

The Rome City School District 'Love Where You Learn' brochure has won an award form the New York School Public Relations Association Communications Contest. The brochure received the recognition of 'Honor' in the category of Special Purpose Publication. Congratulations to everyone who played a role in developing this fantastic brochure, especially our public relations director Jill Pekarski. Part of bringing more positive attention to our district is accomplishing things like this. It is a true testament to our district to have received such a distinction.

Lead Testing in Water

Throughout our schools this week we will begin testing for lead in our water supplies to make sure we are in compliance with the Governor's new bill. We will begin with our elementary buildings throughout the remainder of September and work on the secondary buildings in October. I do not anticipate any delays or barriers to completing this task on time. If and when more information that is pertinent to the community is available, I will let you know.