Sunday, April 28, 2019

Rounding the Bend...

It's that time of year! The weather is improving, the sun begins to shine more, and it seems like the day ends before it begins. As we enter the month of May, schools all over begin their annual two-month stretch of non-stop activity. Elementary students will finish the standardized assessment season with the math assessments this week and the science assessments (grades 4 and 8) in another few weeks. There are art shows, concerts, spring little league activities in multiple sports, moving up ceremonies, open houses, and just plain fun to be had. Secondary students have multiple rounds of assessments (AP exams, SAT's, ACT's, Regents Exams, Final Exams, etc.), athletic events, art shows, concerts, award ceremonies, open houses, proms, balls, graduations; the list is endless at the secondary level. Some students will be lucky if they have less than 2 things to do each day of the week. All of these means that many students are going to be fatigued and perhaps could neglect one aspect of life. For many, stress increases significantly as they push to the finish line. It's not all that different than a thoroughbred rounding the bend for the home stretch. In any race or competition, there tends to be a little extra effort exerted toward the end of the game. School is no different. For some students, there will be changes coming next year either with a transition to middle school, or high school, or to college. Most human beings have challenges with vocalizing their concerns or stress when life gets busy and challenging. For our children, parents are generally the first people that may see a change in behavior or demeanor when something isn't quite right. During this time of year, if you notice something a little off, take a moment to talk with your kid about what may be happening. If necessary, don't hesitate to contact one of our school counselors to ask for advice. Not everyone will have a challenge as the school year comes to a close either. For some, the end of the year marks an occasion of triumph and celebration that does not exhibit any form of stress. Whatever your manner of getting there, this is the time of year that we round the final bend and head into the home stretch of the school year. Enjoy these last 8 weeks while they last, everything we do in life only lasts but that one moment in time. 

Parent University Kick-Off

The Rome Alliance for Education, in conjunction with the Rome Chamber of Commerce and Jervis Library, will be hosting their first ever Parent University event on Wednesday, May 15 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Strough Middle School. As part of the community schools initiative, Parent University is an opportunity for the Rome Alliance for Education to provide supports to parents in a variety of ways. This kick-off event is an opportunity for you to learn more about what they have to offer, as well as to provide information about what types of learning opportunities our parents need. For more information about the event, please contact the Rome Alliance for Education or see their flier HERE.

ESSA Family Engagement Survey

As part of the Every Student Succeeds Act, the district is conducting a family engagement survey. The results of the survey are utilized to develop our District Comprehensive Improvement Plan, as required by the State Education Department. To participate in the survey, please click on the link the below and enter the password: Rome2019. Thank you to all who have already completed the survey and we appreciate your participation.

Board of Education - Open Seats

There are 3 days left! This year, there are three (3) open seats on the Board of Education. All three of these seats will be available on July 1, 2019. The term limit for each open seat is three years, expiring on June 30, 2022. Interested candidates must submit a petition to the District on or before May 1, 2019. Completed petitions must include at least 100 qualified signatures and should be returned to the business office of the district at 409 Bell Road. Petitions for the available seats are also available in the Business Office of the Rome City School District. Any questions regarding the Board of Education open seats can be directed to the district's business office, or Board of Education President, Mr. Paul Fitzpatrick.

Paint Class Fundraiser - Date Change

On Sunday, May 19, the RFA junior class will be hosting a painting class fundraiser in conjunction with KT's Art and Design. From 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. you can enjoy the art of painting and improve your skills. The cost of the class is $45 and for further information, please check out their flier by clicking HERE.