Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy Next Year...

Over the course of this holiday season, I realized that so many of us look forward to the New Year with goals and agendas that make the previous year seem like a virtual waste of time. The traditional New Year's change is a diet or exercise for most and we all know the running joke for that, they rarely last. People make resolutions and statements of grandeur about the upcoming year being better than the previous year. Yes, we all have had tough times and negative situations in the past year. It would be tough to find a human being that had the "perfect year", but is that really cause to dismiss the events of a previous year and act as if just because it's a New Year, you can be a different person. I'm sorry if I'm a little jaded here, I've just grown tired of people thinking that because it's a new year, they can magically be different.

With that being said... I challenge you to make a resolution that matters. Not to you, but to others in your life. We are all very good at being selfish (I believe I won the last election for that party nomination), but how good are we at being SELFLESS? Find a way to make an actual difference in the lives of those you care about and that care about you. And if you've already done that, take it to the next level of making a difference for those that you don't know. Rome Free Academy is a great place to look if you're trying to find some inspiration for this. On a daily basis I see adults and kids going out of their way to help others. Now that the 'Holidays' are over, let's not stop these random acts of kindness. So, instead of saying "Happy New Year" to you all... I will wish you all a "Happy Next Year"... as I am certain that this next year will just be another year of positive and joy in your already wonderful life!!

Black Knight Kudos ...

Congratulations to the Special ELF Department for winning this year's Crazy Attire competition. Thank you to all who participated and supported a worthy cause!

Thank you to all who participated and supported the RFA Leo Club Silent Auction. Over $750 was raised to support local charities!

This Week at RFA...

1/4 - Girls (v) Volleyball vs. New Hartford
1/5 - Girls (v) Bowling vs. New Hartford
1/5 - Boys (v) Bowling at New Hartford
1/5 - Boys (v) Swimming vs. Proctor
1/5 - Boys (v) Wrestling at Canastota
1/5 - Boys (v) Basketball vs, New Hartford
1/5 - Girls (v) Basketball at New Hartford
1/6 - STASS Meeting
1/6 - Faculty Meeting
1/6 - Education Policy Meeting
1/6 - Board of Education Meeting
1/6 - Girls (v) Bowling at VVS
1/6 - Boys (v) Hockey at West Genesee
1/7 - Boys (v) Bowling at Proctor
1/7 - Boys (v) Swimming at Holland Patent
1/7 - Girls (v) Volleyball at Proctor
1/8 - Boys (v) Bowling - 8th Annual Schenectady New Year's Bowling Invite
1/8 - Girls (v) Bowling vs. Proctor
1/8 - Boys (v) Swimming at Lowville
1/8 - Girls (v) Volleyball at Blessed Virgin Mary Academy
1/8 - Boys (v) Hockey vs. Proctor
1/8 - Girls (v) Basketball vs. Proctor
1/8 - Boys (v) Basketball at Proctor
1/9 - Girls (v) Volleyball at Holland Patent
1/9 - Boys (v) Wrestling - Leo J Sammon Tournament at Central Valley Academy
1/9 - RFA Cabaret at 7:30pm

Worth the Read...

Take a Moment to Self Reflect and Grow...

Looking back on 2015,what is one thing that went wrong for you that you wish you could have a do-over on? Did you have any control of the circumstances or the outcome? What would you have done differently? None of these questions are ground breaking in terms of the world of psychology or self improvement,  I know. However, moving forward into 2016, take note of the mistakes you've made and practice what we preach to our students which is that the best learning generally comes from our mistakes. Don't make the same mistakes that we can control from past experiences!