Sunday, January 24, 2016

Why is it so bad to ask Why?

One day this past week while driving home, while watching the snow flurries fall, I wondered how people of the past figured out weather patterns and what to expect with regard to weather. 500 years ago, human beings were dealing with extreme weather and the changing of the seasons and at one point, people just believed that it was the Gods that controlled these things. At some point in time though, someone had the courage to ask the question, "WHY?" Three little letters that can completely ignite the learning experience and change the world.

If you really think about the world we live in today, all of our luxuries are because an individual asked this simple little question, "why?" Why does it have to be that way? Why did you determine that was the answer? Why do we have to do it that way? So now the question is, why is it so bad to ask the question, "why?" More often than not people become defensive and agitated if you question them about why something is the way it is or why they did something. The word "why" has taken on a negative connotation in today's society and our schools instead of the inquisitive and exploratory purpose that it could have. Asking someone "why" creates deeper thought and forces us to think critically about our decision making. Being asked "why" may just be the ultimate compliment. Perhaps it's time we start thinking that way in education to help our students deepen their thought process instead of taking the word so negatively. Maybe when our students ask us "why", they are interested in learning more about a topic rather than questioning what we are saying. It's time we encourage our kids to ask "why" instead of making them feel that it's bad to ask "why."

Black Knight Kudos ...

Congratulations to the girls track team on their victory last week led by Juniors Tekitha Posey-Barry and Kayla Barber each winning 3 events!

Congratulations to Moriah Humiston for setting another school record, this time in the 3000 meters.

Congratulations to Rhapsody for a successful and outstanding performance last week hosting their show choir festival!

Congratulations to the Model Engineering Club for receiving a $500 grant from the Rome Teachers' Federal Credit Union!

This Week at RFA...

1/25 - Girls (v) Bowling at Camden
1/25 - Girls (v) Volleyball at Oneida
1/25 - Girls (v) Basketball vs. VVS
1/26 - Regents Examination in Global History & Geography
1/26 - Regents Examination in Physics
1/26 - Regents Examination in ELA (Common Core)
1/26 - Regents Examination in Geometry (2005 Standards)
1/26 - Boys (v) Bowling vs. Camden
1/26 - Boys (v) Wrestling vs. Whitesboro
1/26 - Boys (v) Basketball at VVS
1/27 - Regents Examination in Living Environment
1/27 - Regents Examination in Chemistry
1/27 - Regents Examination in Comprehensive English
1/27 - Boys (v) Basketball vs. West Genesee
1/27 - Boys (v) Bowling vs. Notre Dame
1/28 - Regents Examination in U.S. History & Government
1/28 - Regents Examination in Earth Science
1/28 - Regents Examination in Geometry (Common Core)
1/28 - Regents Examination in Algebra 1 (Common Core)
1/28 - Jazz Band Elementary School Tour
1/28 - Boys (v) Swimming vs. Cooperstown
1/28 - Boys (v) Wrestling vs. Morrisville-Eaton
1/28 - Girls (v) Volleyball at Whitesboro
1/29 - Regents Examination in Algebra 2/Trigonometry
1/29 - Jazz Band Elementary School Tour
1/29 - Girls (v) Bowling vs. Whitesboro
1/29 - Boys (v) Bowling at Whitesboro
1/29 - Boys (v) Hockey vs. Fayetteville-Manlius
1/29 - Boys (v) Basketball at Whitesboro
1/30 - Rhapsody Collegiate Invitational

Worth the Read...

Take a Moment to Self Reflect and Grow...

Spend more time in your classroom challenging your students by asking them "why?" Even when you know and they know that they have an answer correct, ask them "why?" The ensuing thought process and explanation of thought will certainly deepen the student's learning. The more we ask "why" to our students, the more willing they are going to be to ask it themselves as they progress through their academic careers.