Monday, January 18, 2016

I Had A Dream...

Once upon a time, when we all began our careers or started a new position/school, we had dreams. Dreams of what we wanted to accomplish, dreams we wanted to see our students accomplish, dreams we wanted to see our school communities achieve. Throughout my travels though, I have seen more adults tell students that should lower their expectations and downsize their dreams. Unfortunately, I would say that the ratio of adults encouraging students and adults discouraging students is close to 1:1 in my career. I ask, would you be where you are today without someone throughout your educational life encouraging you to pursue your dreams? As with many things in our schools, we need to focus on the positives that are happening and capitalize on them.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream for our country, and while his dream was related to equal rights and oppression, his intended message of having a dream and working tirelessly to achieve it can be applied universally in society. Recently, I have been witness to hard working individuals making some dreams come true. Some of my faculty members have successfully opened a business, I've seen many students begin getting acceptance letters into colleges, and I myself have achieved some goals along the pathway to my dream. Regardless of the circumstance, the message is the same; don't give up and perseverance does pay off. It may not be the ultimate measure of success, but to be able to say, "I had a dream" instead of, "I have a dream" can bring about a tremendous sense of accomplishment. More important than our own dreams though, let's not forget the dreams of Dr. King as we continue to strive to make his dream come true. Achieving our own dreams is admirable, working to help others achieve their dreams transcends all and is the paramount definition of a teacher.

Black Knight Kudos ...

Congratulations to everyone who assisted in organizing this past weekend's College Goal NY event!

A huge THANK YOU to our custodial staff for keeping our sidewalks and roadways clear throughout the past 2 weeks with the snow and ice we've received.

This Week at RFA...

1/18 - Dr. Martin Luther King Day
1/19 - Discipline and Attendance Committee Meeting
1/19 - Boys (v) Bowling vs. Camden
1/19 - Girls (v) Bowling at Camden
1/19 - Boys (v) Swimming vs. Cooperstown
1/19 - Boys (v) Basketball vs. West Genesee
1/19 - Girls (v) Volleyball vs. VVS
1/20 - PBIS Committee Meeting
1/20 - Rhapsody Field Trip
1/20 - Ski Club Trip
1/20 - Boys (v) Bowling vs. CNS
1/20 - Girls (v) Bowling vs. CNS
1/20 - Boys (v) Wrestling vs. Adirondack Central
1/20 - Boys (v) Hockey at Fulton
1/20 - Girls (v) Volleyball vs. Oneida
1/20 - Girls (v) Basketball vs. Fayetteville-Manlius
1/20 - Board of Education Meeting
1/21 - SBIT Meeting
1/21 - DASA Task Force Meeting
1/21 - Girls (v) Volleyball vs. Central Valley Academy
1/21 - Boys (v) Basketball at Fayetteville-Manlius
1/22 - Boys (v) Bowling vs. Central Valley Academy
1/22 - Girls (v) Bowling at Central Valley Academy
1/22 - Boys (v) Basketball vs. Central Valley Academy
1/22 - Girls (v) Basketball at Central Valley Academy
1/22 - Show Choir Festival at RFA
1/23 - VEX Robotics Competition @ Baldwinsville
1/23 - Boys (v) Swimming vs. Holland Patent
1/23 - Boys (v) Hockey vs. Cazenovia
1/23 - Girls (v) Basketball vs. Canton
1/23 - RFA Winterguard at Sherburne-Earlville
1/23 - SAT Administration at RFA

Worth the Read...

Take a Moment to Self Reflect and Grow...

Thinking back on your time as a teacher, have you fulfilled your dreams that you once had coming out of college or when you entered the profession? If you have, that's great!! Time to create a new dream to fulfill. If you haven't, ask yourself why not and what is preventing you from fulfilling your dream? Work on getting yourself back on track to fulfilling that dream, whatever it is.