Sunday, June 2, 2019

It Has Changed...

A common expression found throughout history in society is, "times are changing." In schools, we often use this as an excuse for why the job is more challenging, or why students don't behave in a similar fashion that they did 30 years ago, or why student performance may not be as high as it once was. The fact is, times aren't changing. Times HAVE changed. And while schools in general have done a lot to address it and adapt, many adults have not come to grips with it and changed their mentality/thinking about education. This has a cause that makes many people think that schools haven't changed at all over the past 100 years. Sure, many things are still similar. However, class sizes are 50% smaller than they used to be, schools offer more opportunities for extended learning, social/emotional/mental health supports have dramatically increased, technology has changed programming and access to information, and inquiry is at the forefront of our systems. At one point in time, learning was considered successful if a student did everything the teacher told them to do and listened "attentively" in class. Today, the concept of simply following directives does not compute with modern generations and learning is no longer about being told facts by an adult, it's about inquiry and investigation. Today's kids have learned to challenge the status quo and ask deeper questions to expand their learning. This is the same reason why directives no longer work. Kids, and adults for that matter, need to be able to rationalize why they being told to do something. Education is not changing, it has changed. Family structures are vastly different than 30-50 years ago, curriculum has expanded, laws and legal responsibilities continue to grow, and students have realized that they have a voice and are not robots sitting in rows of desks being told what they need to know. As adults, whether in schools or not, we need to shift our thinking about what learning means to the kids. What we feel as adults is no longer the best way to approach learning all the time. Society has changed and schools can no longer pretend as if they are sheltered from the greater world around them. It's to do more to meet children and families where they are along the path to success. It's time to stop saying, "things are changing" and realize that they already have changed. 

Pharmaceutical Take Back Program

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) conducts ongoing pharmaceutical take back programs all throughout the state. They are currently running an advocacy campaign to help raise awareness in communities throughout the state about various locations where people can safely dispose of unwanted medications. By doing this, they are also taking proactive steps to combat the opioid epidemic that is plaguing many of our communities across the state. In Rome, there are locations at the Rome Police Department, RMH Retail Pharmacy, and Walgreens. To learn more about this program and the DEC's ongoing efforts, please visit their website at

Fleet Feet Run Camp

From July 8 through July 12, Fleet Feet will be presenting Summer Run Camp 2019. The camp is for students in grades 7-12 and they are offering a week long training series to assist not only cross country runners, but any student athlete looking to maintain conditioning through the summer. The camp is coached by experienced Section III cross country and track coaches, and has a program cost of $99. For more information, including registration details, please visit

Contingency Give Back Day

We currently have one (1) unused contingency day for the 2018-2019 school year. After a careful review of the school calendar and activities for the months of May and June, the only day remaining this school year where there are no major activities occurring that cannot be rescheduled is Monday, June 10. Baring any unforeseen event happening between now and June 10, the Rome City School District will be closed on Monday, June 10 to finish the use of our contingency days. By utilizing this day, none of the student activities, field trips, or building events will be effected. Please mark your calendars for this date.