Teacher Appreciation Week.

  It's almost impossible to believe that we are entering the month of May, but as we do this month brings with it Teacher Appreciation Week! Over the last few weeks I have been fortunate enough to have ongoing conversations about what will be for next year and without fail, every person, whoever they are, is hopeful for a return to normal. And when we say "normal", we are not saying hit the reset button and make everything back to the way they were because all teachers have grown and found new methods and strategies that they can employ to help kids learn through the pandemic. At this point, "normal" means a year that is free of disruptions, major unexpected changes, and distractions that take away from their mission. Beyond the job of educating our students over the last two years, our staff has had the added challenge of doing so while facing additional adversity that no other community has faced. Yes, there have been frustrations, stress, and at times anger; however, I would challenge anyone to walk into any one of our schools on a daily basis and find those emotions harboring in the classroom. They don't. Our staff is comprised of some of the most caring, dedicated, and driven educators anywhere. Does that mean that people don't vent or gripe? Nope. But it does mean that they express themselves in an appropriate way so that we can work together on finding solutions to improve. The exact goal that we want for our students. Together, our students and staff have lived through something that none of us have had to do in the past, nor did we expect to do. Now, we are working together to take what we have gained and improve upon it. On a daily basis, our teachers are coming to the table with enthusiasm and a love for learning that is second to none. I have said over and over again, if you're having a tough day and just need a smile, visit one of our classrooms, doesn't matter which school, and the experience of watching kids grow and teachers work their magic is enough to carry you. As we take this week to recognize our amazing teachers, I would be remiss if I didn't remind folks that all adults working directly with children are involved in the learning process. While they may not have the title of teacher, our assistants, aides, custodial members, food services folks, bus drivers, secretaries, and on and on all play a part in the daily growth of a child. Learning and teaching is not just about the ABCs and 123s, it's about the total package. So this week, for Teacher Appreciation Week, we honor our teachers and support staff who all have an integral role in the growth of our future. The majority of your work is done out of the sight of others and we are eternally grateful for the dedication and effort you put into our children every day. On behalf of our community, THANK YOU for all that you do!!

Public Hearing - Naming of Facility 

On Thursday, May 5, the district will be holding a public hearing for the renaming of a district facility. This winter, the district received a petition to rename the RFA Stadium Press Box to the "Raymond Tarkowski Press Box". Raymond has been the voice of RFA Stadium consistently since 1974 and the communities petition to rename the press box in honor of his service to our students and district will now be heard publicly. By policy, a public hearing must be held prior to an official naming. You can either attend the hearing in person at 409 Bell Road, or view the hearing online at: https://moric-org.zoom.us/j/97530043755.

Public Hearing - Proposed Budget

On Thursday, May 5, the district will present the 2022-2023 proposed budget during the official budget hearing, which is scheduled to begin immediately after the public hearing on the renaming of a district facility. There will also be a YouTube video of the proposed budget for those that would prefer a more streamlined presentation. To view the budget presentation during the meeting, please use this link: https://moric-org.zoom.us/j/97530043755. For more information on the proposed 2022-2023 budget, including the most recent slides from the last presentation, please visit our website at: https://www.romecsd.org/news_page/rome_2022-2023_budget_presentation__4_19_22.

Sports Hall of Fame Fundraiser

The Rome Sports Hall of Fame will be holding a Chicken Barbeque Fundraiser on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. This fundraiser is the organization's largest effort of the year and we are fortunate to have such a supportive group in our community who have supported the athletic programs of the Rome City School District forever. Details are as follows:
Brooks BBQ
When: Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Time: 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Where: Rome Alliance Church, 920 Turin St., Rome
Dinners for pick-up only
Tickets are $15 each and are available through any RSHOF Board Member, or via Venmo @RomeSports-HallofFame. Please list your name, number of tickets, and BBQ in the memo column if using Venmo. All dinners include a 1/2 chicken, baked potato, coleslaw, roll and butter, a bottle of water, and a cookie.

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