Thank You Veterans...

 The end of this week marks the official designation for 'Veteran's Day'. A day when we pay tribute to all of the women and men who have served our country over the years. Our community, and school community, have several military veterans who dedicated a portion of their lives to protecting the rest of us. Whether it be in times of combat, or in times of so-called peace, these individuals have made sure that the rest of us can live a life that is free of worry from an attack on our home soil. When you are in the military, there is no time of peace as you are constantly working to prevent those throughout the world that wish to do harm from actually doing it. It's safe to say that almost everyone probably knows someone who served in our nation's military, if not had a family member serve. Personally, I still enjoy reading my grandfather's field journal entries from France and Germany from World War II. Take time to thank these individuals and more importantly, learn their stories. I can honestly say that I now wished that I had taken the time to learn more about my own father's service in the Navy before his passing to not only deepen my appreciation for our nation's military but also learn more about the experience and his life. Our history and their dedication are both things that we need to cherish. So this week, when the rest of us civilians have a day off from school or work because of the courage and bravery of our veterans, please take the time to simply say "thank you." It is the least that we can do for all that you have done for us. On behalf of the Rome City School District, thank you to all of the veterans on our staff and in our community. We appreciate you and Happy Veteran's Day!!

Calendar Reminder

This coming week, all public schools will be closed on Friday, November 11 in recognition of Veteran's Day. Please make sure your calendar is marked accordingly. Thank you and thank you to our Veterans.

Congratulations Pre-K

I am proud to let our community know that our Early Childhood Program has been recognized by the Genesis Group for Outstanding Achievement in Education within the Mohawk Valley. Thank you to all of our outstanding educators and support staff within the Early Childhood Program and Principal Jodi Marchione for their unending dedication and support of our youngest learners and families.

Congratulations Athletes

Congratulations to all of our Fall sports scholar-athletes and teams! The NYSPHSAA has released the list of scholar-athletes and teams for the Fall 2022 season. Our Scholar Teams for the Fall 2022 season include: Girls Varsity Field Hockey coached by Mackenzie Welter, Girls Varsity Cross Country coached by Nicholas Jeror, Boys Varsity Cross Country coached by Ty Knamm, Girls Varsity Soccer coached by Melissa Downs, Boys Varisty Soccer coached by Chad Reese, Girls Swimming and Diving coached by Michelle Browne, Girls Varsity Tennis coached by Crl Manganaro, and Boys Varsity Football coached by Jake Der Cola. In total, across all sports, we had 113 students achieve the Scholar-Athlete distinction. Individual awards are given to any student who has a cumulative GPA of 90% or higher; while team awards are given to teams that have 75% of the roster achieving a GPA of 90% or better. 

SELSI Survey 22-23

We are currently conducting our first round of the Social-Emotional Learning Skills Inventory survey for our students PreK-12 for the 2022-2023 school year. Last year we had tremendous success with this survey in learning where our students stand related to social/emotional needs. The goal is to learn more about adult perceptions as they relate to a student's resiliency and ensure that we as adults are not missing cues from students that are in need of social/emotional support. In the end, we as a community will be better equipped to support our students as we will have a better understanding of their needs. Parents are encouraged to take the survey as well to provide input on their own perceptions/beliefs of their students. To complete the survey, please use this link: (in Spanish: will need your student's ID number to participate which can be found in your parent portal account. The survey will be available until November 18.

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