Achieve the Dream...

Once upon a time, when we all began our careers or started a new position/school, we had dreams. Dreams of what we wanted to accomplish, dreams of what we wanted to see our students accomplish, dreams of what we wanted to see our school communities achieve. Throughout my travels though, I have seen too many adults tell students they should lower their expectations and downsize their dreams, rather than work to make those dreams a reality. This issue is not isolated to schools either. It can come from many locations in a child's life, but the issue is that too many children are not feeling supported and are being told what their life will be without the opportunity to experience the world around them. Unfortunately, I would say that the ratio of adults encouraging students and adults discouraging students is close to 1:1 in my career. I ask, would you be where you are today without someone throughout your childhood encouraging you to pursue your dreams? As with many things in our schools, we need to focus on the positives that are happening and capitalize on them. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream for our country, and while his dream was related to equal rights and oppression, his intended message of having a dream and working tirelessly to achieve it can be applied universally in society. Regardless of the circumstance, the message is the same; don't give up and perseverance does pay off. It may not be the ultimate measure of success, but to be able to say, "I had a dream" instead of, "I have a dream" can bring about a tremendous sense of accomplishment. More important than our own dreams though, let's not forget the dreams of Dr. King as we continue to strive to make his dream come true. Beyond just the simple thought of trying to understand others, seeking to understand something prior to casting judgment. His dream consisted of everyone living in harmony, regardless of differences. This can be accomplished if the focus is on supporting people, rather than tearing them down. Achieving our own dreams is admirable, working to help others achieve their dreams transcends all and is the paramount definition of a teacher.

Schedule Reminder

As a reminder, in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day tomorrow, all schools are closed. Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 17.

Face Off Against Colon Cancer

The Rome Free Academy hockey team will be hosting their annual Face Off Against Colon Cancer benefit game (played in memory of Coach Peter Mastracco) on Tuesday, January 17th at Kennedy Arena, where RFA will face off against Ontario Bay at 7:00 p.m. The RFA Ice Hockey Booster Club set up a fund in honor of the late Mastracco, who passed away from his battle with colon cancer in 2015. Please support your RFA Black Knights as they continue their messaging of “Get Checked From Behind”. Cancer is a disease that has greatly impacted our district and community throughout the years. Supporting our students in their quest to support us all is the least we can do.

January Regents Exams Return

For the first time in two years, the January Regents exams are returning to schools. Just a reminder that during the week of January, 23, Rome Free Academy will be hosting the January Regents Exams, which will alter the student attendance schedule for the week. A copy of the exam schedule can be found on the NYSED website at
For more information, including information regarding your student's schedule, exam needs, transportation, etc., please contact the main office at RFA, your student's teacher(s), counselor, or administration.

Show Choir Festival

Looking for a night of outstanding music and entertainment? On Friday, January 20, the RFA Show Choir will host their annual Show Choir Festival at RFA beginning at 7:30 p.m. Each year, show choirs from all around the region come together to perform an evening filled with top-notch vocal entertainment, combined with visual artistry that is second to none. Stop by RFA for an evening of music you won't soon forget!

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