Black History Month...

 This week kicks off the start of Black History Month throughout our country. I personally believe that every year, more and more people are aware of the past and the need to set aside days, weeks, months, etc. to draw attention to a group or situation is becoming less and less necessary. However, this will never mean that people should forget the purpose of drawing attention to a particular cause. Clearly, at some point in our nation's history, there was a need to draw attention to this cause and spend time educating ourselves specifically on the history of black individuals in our country. The reality is, human beings have been terrible to each other almost since their existence on the planet. Most of the world's ancient cities were built by the labor of slaves. In the grand scheme of the world, slavery has been a part of world history for thousands of years, while our country has only lived without it for roughly 150 years. By comparison, we are all still in need of learning and understanding that all humans (regardless of race or gender) are able and capable of great things. America has an unfortunate track record of oppression, but there is certainly evidence of the neanderthalic mentality of the 1950's white male is becoming less and less a way of our society. Personally, the more time I take to get to actually know a person as opposed to passing judgment based on an opinion, stereotype that I grew up with, or commentary that I hear or read; the more I find that people are far better than most want to believe. Our greatest problem in society is the fear of realizing that our beliefs are not correct. It's easier to believe what we want to believe based on prior experience and/or inaccurate historical depictions than it is to take the time to understand reality or accept the fact that the world and people change. It's this exact human mentality that causes us to have awareness days, weeks, and months. Black history in the United States is an integral and vital part of our nation's growth to dominance. Just as the fact that our nation was built by immigrants and the work ethic of our ancestors is what laid the way to our success. History cannot be ignored and we all need to remember that our nation's strength has always been developed through unity and cause, regardless of background. So, during the next month, I challenge you to break down one barrier that you have had in your life related to an opinion of people by educating yourself on that perception and drawing your own conclusion. Move out of your comfort zone and take that risk. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Face Off Against Colon Cancer - RESCHEDULED

The Rome Free Academy hockey team will be hosting their annual Face Off Against Colon Cancer benefit game (played in memory of Coach Peter Mastracco) on Tuesday, February 7th at Kennedy Arena, where RFA will face off against Ontario Bay at 7:00 p.m. The RFA Ice Hockey Booster Club set up a fund in honor of the late Mastracco, who passed away from his battle with colon cancer in 2015. Please support your RFA Black Knights as they continue their messaging of “Get Checked From Behind”. Cancer is a disease that has greatly impacted our district and community throughout the years. Supporting our students in their quest to support us all is the least we can do.

Spring Sports Registration

At this time, Spring sports registration is now open on Family ID. For more information about our Spring sports offerings, please visit our athletic page at To visit the Family ID registration page to create an account and/or register for Spring sports, please visit that page at

Rome Science Fair

Attention students in grades 7-12!! Are you interested in science and want to show off your talents? The Rome Science Fair is for you. Registration is currently open until February 10 for the Rome Science Fair, sponsored by the Rome Academy of Sciences. This year's theme is Global Warming. For more information, please see their flyer on our PeachJar at or speak to your science teacher in school.

Rhapsody Collegiate Invitational

Rome Free Academy’s Rhapsody Show Choir will be hosting their Collegiate A Cappella Invitational on Saturday, February 4 at 7:30pm in the RFA Auditorium.  The performance will include various college groups, as well as RFA performance ensembles. Tickets are $5 and available through pre-sale at Jervis Library. For more information, please contact the RFA music department.

NYSED Graduation Measures

The New York State Education Department has reopened a ThoughtExchange to gain more information regarding how people feel about potential changes in graduation requirements in our state. The Blue Ribbon committee which was organized to investigate possible changes and make recommendations to the commissioner, is asking, "What opportunities, experiences, and courses should be available to students in High School that align with their needs, dreams, and career exploration? Which of those should be mandatory?" To participate in their exchange, please visit the website at

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